i am scared, lost and broken.

i want to be in Oregon, I have the money for an apartment but lost on HOW to get there.

I have the option of selling everything I have including car, flying out there and having a couple of boxes shipped. Sounds great until I think, how am I getting from the airport to my new apartment? Who to trust to buy a new car from? Will I be able to afford a car payment and a new place?


Get my car fixed up to drive out there. It is a bit more expensive on the front end and still not a sure fire way I will get there after the money I invest in my car (which is an 03 Chevy Cavalier).

Either way, I will be able to keep about the same amount of stuff.

Honestly, I just wish I had a friend doing this with me. Not necessarily the whole move cross country but sharing the responsibility of rent and the comfort of knowing where ever I rent (sight unseen), I will be safe.